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repair business, High Roller Cycles. He's 49, but the voice that talked and laughed with me belonged to a man who could have been half his age, one of thousands of VRS interpreters standing by in call centers nationwide. I dialed his number, which is registered to go first to a Purple call center. The interpreter picked up, told me he'd connect me, then on screens I couldn't see signed with Wyczalek and became his voice. I did my best not to ask questions faster than the interpreter could sign them, but I was impressed. "Interpreter management" is the art of syncing one person's visual talk with the other person's spoken talk for maximum flow. With an "um" here and a "hold on a sec" there, this interpreter kept me mostly in tune. Wyczalek never knows who is going to voice his next VRS call. When the interpreter appears on his iPhone or equipped TV screen, Wyczalek smiles and begins signing. Purple's May, likewise, never knows what call is coming next. Will

disaster on Night of Noah TORRENTIAL rain caused mud slides, killed one man, crushed a holiday resort and washed away homes and cars during Townsville Night of Noah on January 10, 1998. More than 550mm of rain fell in 24 hours, the largest downpour in the city history, equivalent to half of its annual rainfall. Boulders from a 100m section of a hill above the Magnetic Island international resort cascaded on to a row of 10 units early on January 11, destroying them. At Black River, 14 homes were partially or completely destroyed and eight were washed into the ocean along with cars, refrigerators and stereos. About 5000 homes around Townsville were damaged, 10,000 people were without power, thousands were without water and more than 200 residents, tourists and holiday makers were flown to safety. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. Premier Rob Borbidge declared the city to be in a state of disaster as police, army, state emergency and rescue services evacuated residents in low lying areas. Acting Prime Minister Tim Fischer, who visited the
Cheap jerseys city on January 12, described the deluge as one of proportions. Tony Mooney estimated damage at $40 million half through the destruction of private property and the remainder in wrecked public
Wholesale jerseys from China infrastructure. Queensland Rescue helicopters flew out about 100 people from Black River and cattle stations near Charters Towers, while the State Emergency Services provided emergency accommodation and welfare for at least 180 people.

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